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The First Open CloudBox

Private Clouds are gaining more and more visibility by small to medium businesses, since they feature all benefits of a Public Cloud such as lower maintanance and operation cost, whilst providing higher enterpise level security and efficiency in terms of reducing integartion challenges.

CSG Open CloudBox is a cloud system which combines OpenCompute commodity Hardware, Open Source Cloud Operating-, Provisioning- and Monitoring- Systems into a single and modular Private Cloud Box integrated with enterprise class applications and frameworks to run secure, elastic and easy to manage business applications. This private cloud product solution includes all neccessary hardware, including compute, storage and networking as well as the virtualization framework and a modular open source cloud management console to manage and run cloud aware applications on top of a simplified, cost-efficient and secure infrastructure.

Open CloudBox Benefits

  • Launch a fully functional enterprise-ready private cloud in few days.
  • Secure.
  • No shared storage.
  • User friendly.
  • ROI of less than 12 - 36 months depending on your business size.
  • Expand according the your business needs from 10 VMs up to 1.000 VMs per 1/3 or full Open Rack.
  • Optimized to reduce energy consumption through autoscaling (up- and down- scaling capability).
  • Pre configured cloud solutions tailored to your needs, including BigData, HPC, PaaS and SaaS solutions.

For more information about Open CloudBox editions please contact uns.

Open CloudBox = Open Hardware + Open Source Cloud OS