Today more and more businesses are moving their human resources initiatives into the public-, private- or multi- cloud environments to achieve better communication and social collaboration for managing their employees needs and to hire new talents to keep them competitive against their competitors.

But, as you know, moving to the cloud and migrating existing applications such as those supporting human resources initiatives needs a sound strategy with regard to specific business cases.

In the last decade we've been building different HR Portal Solutions supporting recruiting, talentmanagent and onboarding procedures with development, operation (DevOps) and analytics support for our clients' human resources initiatives in their own data centers and now we're moving some part of our solutions to the cloud and we're keen to share our experience by building our Human Cloud solutions with you.

Human Resources Integration With Open Source Software Stack

The heart of our solution is built on top of our open source software stack, including our open source content management platform integrated with various open source components such as the "Solr Search Engine" and our enterprise grade directory services driver integrated with High End Human Capital Management Solutions form the cloud.

Human Capital Management Software Integration From The Cloud

Although we're not an advocate of proprietary software solutions from the cloud, we've integrated our open source software stack with HCM solutions such as SAP's eRecruiting solution and thier new SuccessFactors offering from the cloud and we're investigating the integration of our HR stack with other HCM solutions such as Oracle's Taleo or Workday into our open source software stack and integrate the whole system with social networks such as LinkedIn or XING.

Human Capital Analytics Support

To gain clear insight by using analytics capabilities to optimize your workforce and HR results we provide prebuilt reports through our onboarding administration dashboard for your human capital analytics.

The Human Cloud

We love humans and we believe in supporting human resources initiatives through a mix of integration capabilities between open source software stack and high end HCM cloud solutions from different cloud offernings built into "The Human Cloud". We'd bee keen to show you what we've already achieved to support human resources initiatives and how we might be of help.

We build Cloud- Solutions for humans.

On the sky of federated open clouds!

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