Professional OpenStack training in your company

Your company wants to create a private cloud environment based on OpenStack, but you do not know how? In our professional OpenStack training, our experts explain to your employees how to get started with OpenStack, what it is suitable for and for which applications there are better solutions.

In the multi-day OpenStack workshop, a training manager takes care of individual employees and individual understanding problems or procedural errors when installing, compiling and setting up the suitable OpenStack distribution. You will receive extensive training materials and, in practical examples, you will be able to commission, monitor and scale a running, secure private OpenStack Cloud environment.

Please describe the nature and scope of the required OpenStack training. We can offer you several packages or an individual training plan!


Find the right OpenStack distribution for your company requirements

Prior to the OpenStack training, please clarify with us which objectives you want to achieve by the use of OpenStack. Not every OpenStack distribution may be equally appropriate for setting up your private cloud environment.

During our professional training in your company, we help the participants in detail with the installation of different OpenStack distributions and show you the potential difficulties with setup and configuration.              

Our training is not only designed to show your company the strengths and weaknesses of OpenStack. Our training is also structured to give your IT department the understanding and tools to deal with the operation of an OpenStack private cloud when problems arise, make necessary additions and changes in the setup, make adjustments in the configuration, or prepare updates.

Based on our training material try out under supervision how to run a stable private cloud environment on OpenStack!


High availability and failure safety

In production environments, high availability and failure safety are important. A special high availability (HA) reference architecture and our step-by-step guide for installing and compiling individual components help to ensure this. During the training in your IT department, we will show your employees how to avoid the most common mistakes and pitfalls. Additionally, your employees will learn how to deploy a high-availability private cloud with OpenStack through redundant controllers, network and storage nodes at their own workplace.

Training for operation, monitoring and orchestration of OpenStack

During your OpenStack training in your company, your employees will gain profound insights into how to run a private cloud with OpenStack in their familiar work environment. Learn how to scale OpenStack in our professional training and how to secure your private cloud.

Learn how to use Docker and Kubernetes in our qualified training and how to choose the right PaaS (Platform as a Service) or CaaS (Container as a Service) solution to build and operate scalable cloud applications based on OpenStack.



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