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What is meant by Industry 4.0 ?

Industry 4.0 refers to a future project of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and a large-scale project in the high-tech strategy of the Federal Government. Industry 4.0 is generally understood to mean the impact that existing, researched and anticipated technology will have on current industrial production.

Since the effects of the digitization of production processes through the networking of machines, devices, sensors and people is not to be underestimated, the expectation associated with the term "Industry 4.0" as a fourth industrial revolution (after 1st mechanization with water and steam power, 2 Mass production on the assembly line and 3. the use of electronics and IT) is not too high.

The automation of heavy physical work or repetitive, automatable inputs and the associated transformation of the working world towards higher qualified jobs is also a central point of Industry 4.0.

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