Deploy infrastructure across multiple cloud platforms

Today enterprises are deploying their cloud infrastructure across multiple, but largely incompatible (hybrid) cloud platforms,
this leads to higher costs, higher security risks, reduced performance and loss of control over deployed resources. If your organization needs to leverage multiple cloud providers and remove silos and maintain control, you need a Cloud Management Platform (CMP).

Why CMP?

A Cloud Management Platform (CMP) addresses these needs of an enterprise adopting their cloud environments with regard to governance and compliance policies. Enterprises need to implement their own Cloud Management Platform (CMP) with a unified API and web interface for their users to provide true DevOps style.

ManageIQ helps!

We at Clouds Sky can help you to implement your own cloud management platform with ManageIQ which provides integrated solutions for your developers, operation and your business. ManageIQ is the Open Source version of Red Hat® CloudForms technology, which enables you to manage all your cloud environments, including OpenStack, Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services from a single interface. Watch this video and see how a CMP can simplify service delivery for your business.

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