The digital transformation is no longer a buzzword but reality. Many companies in the industry, services and finance industries are already working on the digital transformation or are at least aware of what's happening to them. A large proportion of industrial companies rate the effects and consequences of digital transformation very highly, but only a part has a strategy for implementing the digital transformation or are already implementing their digital strategy.


Tasks in the implementation of digital transformation

In most cases, it is large industrial companies that have recognized the importance of digital transformation in their scale and where the digital transformation is at the top of the agenda. It´s tying a large chunk of all investments - over a long period of time. There is also an awareness amongst medium-sized businesses that digital transformation is an important issue on which the future of the business can depend. But strategies how to implement the digital transformation, what needs to be changed in IT, and how to communicate with customers today is neglected. Also, topics such as how to optimize production processes and how one can gain from the huge amount of daily accruing data important conclusions about weak spots in its own processes and business possibilities - that is discussed if necessary at a game of golf or something comparable.


You should tackle the upcoming topics of Digital Transformation in a timely manner. This gives you the opportunity to design processes and avoid hasty reactions to changes. We are happy to advise you and to assist you with the implementation. Let us show you the possibilities in a non-binding consultation.


A long way!

The digital transformation can not be upgraded overnight - many points of the digital transformation require a radical change in the current grown structure (especially of IT) and a radical rethinking, even even if there are initially not many changes for the user. Whether an intranet or web portal comes from a static server or from the cloud may seem unimportant to the user. In a business environment with ever-shorter product cycles and ever faster pace of innovation, it is crucial to have a flexible, dynamically adaptable, yet highly available, scalable, and fail-safe IT architecture. A hybrid mixture of private cloud environment supplemented by the selective use of existing public cloud solutions is a feasible possibility. With Cloud Bursting, load peaks can be cushioned or, in the case of large amounts of computing power required at short notice, for example in research, it can be made available to them. Possibly existing servers or data centers can be used, integrated or converted.



How we can support you in the digital transformation

How to find the right cloud architecture and cloud platform for your company, what opportunities big data offers in your business processes and how you as a company master the digital transformation - we are happy to accompany you.

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