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The Open Private Cloud Project

OpenStack project and foundation was founded by Rackspace Hosting and NASA. OpenStack integrates code from NASA's Nebula platform as well as Rackspace's Cloud Files platform. OpenStack is a collaborative software project among several big players like Canonical, Cisco, DELL, HP, IBM, Nebula, RedHat, SuSe and more than 170 companies in the cloud computing space. OpenStack is the Open Private Cloud Operating System.

OpenStack is the Open Private Cloud Operating System

The code for OpenStack is freely available under the Apache 2.0 license. Anyone can build it and run it on any operating system, extend it and submit changes and enhancements back to the project.

OpenStack is for large and small businesses

OpenStack is used as well by large coperations as by small busiensses like us. Large comapnies such as BMW, eBay, NASA, CERN, etc. are using OpenStack in their own "Private Cloud" in addition to small companies like us for development and testing of scalable cloud services such as CaMuS.

Free OpenStack Training

Attend to our Free Fundamental OpenStack Cloud Training and learn how to deploy a private cloud using the OpenStack project and implement a state-of-the-art private cloud design.

We build your OpenStack Private Cloud

We are working with OpenStack since more than 4 years now and provide one of the most innovative OpenStack implementations based on Open Compute Project with Docker and Google Kubernetes support.

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One of the key HPE tools that service providers can use is HPE Helion Eucalyptus. Eucalyptus is one of the only open source cloud platforms designed to match the AWS API, enabling service providers to easily move public cloud workloads behind the firewall. This results in greater control over costs, data governance, application performance and workload mobility. 

Service providers can continue to develop cloud applications using AWS design patterns and safely operate those applications within the firewall to protect customer data and comply with local regulations. Eucalyptus gives IT the ability to tune cloud infrastructure to match the needs of latency-sensitive applications and those requiring scale-up capabilities – without requiring changes to existing applications.

Eucalyptus also allows service providers to maintain their toolsets and performance levels while becoming more cost-effective. In fact, some Eucalyptus users have cut public cloud costs by as much as 50%, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. This offering allows service providers to buid a hybrid cloud and burst from their private cloud into AWS public cloud when their utilization exceeds a predetermined level while users maintain the same application program interface and ecosystem for seamless scalability.

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