Put your Datacenter on Autopilot with Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System

The Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System (DCOS) is built on the reliable Open Source cluster manager Mesos. The Mesospher Datacenter Operating System supports container technologies like Docker or Kubernetes and is able to launch Docker containers at scale. Mesosphere manages infrastructure at server level and Kubernetes communicates directly with the Mesosphere API and runs just like other DCOS services.

Mesosphere is an Operating System that lets you orchestrate your Datacenter like a Desktop Computer

Mesosphere is built upon the Apache Mesos Cluster Manager. The Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System is clustering Servers (cloud, virtual or physical) into a shared pool of resources and can dynamically allocate the needed resources, such as computation power, memory or storage. So the Mesosphere Datacenter Operating System is different from - and merely a next-level of - any private cloud solution or virtualization software.

Mesosphere Consulting

Mesosphere DCOS is available as a free Community Edition from Amazon Web Services and will be available soon for Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. If you need help building your mission-critical business applications on the Mesosphere DCOS Community or Enterprise Edition (fully scalable, hybrid cloud support, Kerberos Security and so much more...) feel free to contact our Mesosphere Experts at Clouds Sky.

You won't believe, how much you can reduce your datacenter operational costs each year with Mesosphere!

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