Clouds Sky GmbH

Since the end of 2010, Clouds Sky GmbH has been successfully offering private cloud computing solutions based on the open source cloud software "Open Stack" and the content management platform "OpenCms". In addition, Clouds Sky GmbH helps large companies, e.g. from the auto industry or the chemical sector, in the implementation of business-critical applications and has made a name in the field of cloud consulting. It advises clients throughout Germany on multi-cloud management, microservices development, orchestration with Kubernetes, Cloud Native Technology and DevOps. In addition, Clouds Sky GmbH offers in particular on the subjects Kubernetes and OpenStack high quality trainings.



Geschäftsführer - Stephan Hartmann

Since January 2018, Stephan Hartmann is the second managing director of Clouds Sky GmbH. Thus, he is next to Arash Kaffamanesh equal CEO and holds 50% of the shares. His main focus is on development and finance.

Prior to joining Clouds Sky GmbH, Stephan worked closely with Clouds Sky GmbH with his own company "metamesh". He brings many years of experience in the development of powerful web portals using open source-based cloud solutions and the development of applications for smartphones (apps). This allowed both young startups and large companies a simple and cost-effective way to manage web content. He also developed inter alia for Android, a smartphone app for field service deployment tracking. Stephan works currently on large scale Kubernetes development projects as a Site Reliability Engineer and Enterprise Architect.




Managing Director and Founder
Arash Kaffamanesh-Amiri

At the end of 2010, Arash Kaffamanesh founded Clouds Sky GmbH and was able to convince major customers in the chemical industry within a very short time with his company model. Today, the Clouds Sky GmbH is a well-known size and receives project inquiries from all areas of the German economy. Since 2017, Clouds Sky GmbH has worked closely with one of Germany's largest automobile manufacturers.

Arash himself works as a Cloud Solution Architect in various projects and provides consulting services to some companies. He focuses on AWS, Azure, OpenStack, OpenShift, Docker, Kubernetes, Rancher, and Microservices architectures, as well as introducing DevOps principles and agile methods in cloud migration of existing applications and their orchestration and provisioning and management with Terraform and Ansible.

Incidentally, Arash organizes the OpenStack "Cologne", "Cologne Cloud" and the "Kubernauts Worldwide Meetups". For those interested, he offers free fundamental training for OpenStack and Kubernetes.