Hadoop as a Service

What is Hadoop?

Apache Hadoop is a Java open source framework based on Google's MapReduce algorithm. Hadoop makes it possible to perform computationally intensive operations with huge amounts of data (big data in the petabyte range) on computer clusters. Hadoop is used among others by google, facebook, baidu and yahoo.

Clouds Sky offers Big Data solutions with Apache Hadoop that enable you to prepare and analyze huge amounts of unstructured data. Whether you want to generate data-driven added value for your company, your processes or products or if you want to develop innovative solutions in the area of ​​Internet of Things (IoT).

With Hadoop as a Service we offer you all the primary services such as Jobtracker, Tasktracker, Namenode, Datanode and the relevant extensions such as HBase or Zookeeper. Other preinstalled and configured tools included are Pig and Hive.


Apache Hadoop design and reference architecture

With Apache Hadoop, we help our customers achieve high elasticity and reliability and simultaneously resource-saving use of machines, budget and computing power. The use of monitoring solutions makes it possible to keep costs down and the efficiency of the infrastructure used high.

Depending on customer requirements and restrictions, such as group specifications, data management and data protection, we offer you various approaches for the use of Big Data Mining with Apache Hadoop - whether as a pure service in the public cloud or on a server cluster in your data center.


Hadoop brings big data - we bring everything else

In addition to building your Hadoop Cluster, we can help you build custom Hadoop solutions as scalable, distributed software. In combination with scalable, distributed machine learning algorithms such as Apache Mahout or Apache Spark or other frameworks such as ApacheFlink we design your individually tailored big data solution.



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